Technology at Fuqua

Fuqua’s Information Technology organization is responsible for managing and supporting all aspects of technology and information systems at Fuqua and strives to provide a world-class computing environment for students, faculty, staff, and guests.

Fuqua’s main web space provides visitors, media, and prospective students with current information about Fuqua programs, global Fuqua events, faculty research, and emerging capabilities. Prospective and incoming students are able to request program information, schedule campus visits, register for recruiting events, and attend online virtual information sessions.

Fuqua’s intranet portal, FuquaWorld, provides faculty, staff, and students with a centralized online gateway for accessing Fuqua and Duke-related resources including announcements, discussion boards, integrated scheduling, course schedules, career resources, class roster photos, and team collaboration resources.

Fuqua powers course websites utilizing the Canvas learning management platform. Canvas provides students with quick, easy web access to courses’ syllabi, materials, schedules, assignments, and communications.

Fuqua’s integrated calendaring and scheduling environment enables students to manage their personal and group schedules via the web or through clients such as Microsoft Outlook or Mail for Mac OS. Students are able to add their course schedules or other campus events directly to their personal calendars. Group scheduling capabilities are also provided to simplify scheduling meetings for student organizations and clubs.

The Fuqua Student Computing Space is available for student use 24/7 and consists of study and collaboration systems including:

  • Team rooms and spaces outfitted with wireless shared display devices for collaboration
  • Workstation computers available throughout the student computing space
  • Configurable virtual machines available to all students and renewable each semester
  • High-performance, encrypted wireless networking access throughout the business school campus
  • ePrint-enabled network printers and multifunction print devices located throughout the campus

Fuqua’s team rooms are also equipped with motion sensor detection devices and are integrated with room occupancy displays as well as an online app to provide students with real-time room availability. The Student Computing Space is continually updated with current course-related software and upgraded to ensure the best possible computing experience for students while at Fuqua.

Fuqua is continually involved in exploring new client computing devices and services. Students are often involved in device and service trials, and faculty and staff are outfitted with the latest client computing technology well before many corporate environments. Fuqua students, faculty, and staff have worked directly with companies to evaluate new client-side computing technologies. These trials allow faculty, students, and IT staff to stay on the leading edge of capabilities and emerging technologies needed to support Fuqua’s objectives for innovation in pedagogy.