Fuqua Events Calendar

The FSB Event System allows you to add your event to the Fuqua Event calendar. Any event that you wish to have publicized to the Fuqua community, or publicly on Fuqua’s web site, should appear here. In addition, if your event requires any meeting space controlled by the Building Management Office (BMO), the event system prepares a Space Request to send to the BMO for your event. Space is not considered “reserved” for your event, until the BMO has approved your request and confirms the event within the FSB Event system.

How to add an event

To add an event to the system, log into FuquaWorld. From the FuquaWorld home page, select the “Add an Event” link, if available. (This link is available only to those groups that may add events to the system. If the link is not available, there will be a link to “Request Meeting Space”. This prepares a space request, and does not create a listing on the event calendar – more on that later.)

The event admin pages consist of four pages.

Download the .pdf version of this document for extended information on completing an online event submission

What happens when you submit your event

Once you click the “Submit My Event to the Calendar” button, the system adds your event to the Fuqua Calendar database. If you indicated that you require space at Fuqua, the location of your event shows “TBD” until the BMO has confirmed your space request. Once confirmed, the detail page of your event lists your rooms.

A page appears informing you of the successful addition of your event. At the bottom of the page are links to add new events. Click “Add another New Event similar to this one” to create a new event based on the one you just entered. The admin page appears with the information already filled in based on the event you just entered. Make any changes and proceed as before. Click “Add another New Event” to create a new event. In this case, the admin form is reset to all blanks – you must re-enter all pertinent information and proceed as before.

Changing an event

If you need to make changes to your event, click the “Edit an Event” link on the FuquaWorld home page. You may only edit events that you have entered. However, if an event is for a student club, all authorized members of that club may edit the event. In addition, members of the MBAA may edit any club event. All events that you have entered appear on the edit page. By default, the list of events is in descending order of start date. Click the “Sort” link next to Event Title to sort the events by title. From this page, you may edit, copy, or cancel an event.

Editing an event

Click the “Edit” button to make changes to your event – title, dates/times, rooms, audience, etc. The event admin pages appear with the event details entered. (If the event has passed, the dates and times are blanked out – you must re-enter the dates and times.) If your event included a space request, and you make changes to the space portion of the event, the BMO receives a new space request and they must re-confirm it before your locations appear on the event details. Please note that if you make changes to the event date / time, you should modify the space request accordingly. Changing the event date / time does not change your room reservation!

Changing event days / times, rooms, room days /times, or title of the event marks the event as modified. On the events calendar pages, the text “Modified” appears next to the title. In addition, if you elected to create an announcement posting in FuquaWorld, the announcement is updated to indicate that you have changed the event.

Copying an event

Click the “Copy” button to make a duplicate of your event. This allows you to create additional events based on an existing one, for example, to create a weekly repeating event. The admin pages appear with the form filled in based on the chosen event. You will have to re-enter the dates and times as well as any space request information.

Canceling an event

Click the “Cancel” button to cancel your event. This marks your event as canceled – it does not delete the event from the database. On the events calendar pages, the text “Canceled” appears next to the title. In addition, if you elected to create an announcement posting in FuquaWorld, the announcement is updated to indicate that you have canceled the event.

Viewing Events

Events appear in various places on Fuqua’s intranet – today’s events on the FuquaWorld home page, a list of events under the FuquaWorld Fuqua Events Calendar link, or in AlumniLink. Depending on the setting of the “Show in FuquaWorld only” check box, events may appear on the Fuqua public event calendar, as well.

The home page of FuquaWorld displays today’s events appropriate for you. For example, if you are a daytime MBA Student, today’s events include all student events, except SIPs; Staff members see events for Staff. In all cases, events marked for “Everyone” display on today’s list as well. Only upcoming or currently running events for the day appear here. That is, if you login at 10am and an event finished at 9:30, it will not show up here. However, an event that runs from 7am to 3pm will. Up to five events may appear on the home page. To view other events, you must follow the “Fuqua Events Calendar” link to display the full calendar of events.

Fuqua Events Calendar

Following the “Fuqua Events Calendar” link on the FuquaWorld home page displays a listing of events happening at Fuqua. This page has three areas of interest. The top left is a calendar that you use to navigate the dates. The top right is for filtering calendar and selecting date ranges to display. The bottom right lists the events happening at Fuqua. The following tables describe in more detail the page and how to work with it to view events.

Who may add events

In order to add an event to the system, your FuquaWorld login must be authorized to do so. All faculty and staff logins are pre-authorized; staff and faculty may add events to the system. Student Services or the MBAA must authorize daytime student club officers and other club members before they may add events. Students that do not see the “Add Event” link, and believe they should have access, must contact Student Services or the MBAA. They will get your login authorized. Other students and guest may not add events to the calendar; contact the appropriate department to get your event added.

Requesting Meeting Space

If you are a student and do not have authorization to add events, you will see a link to “Reserve Meeting Space” on the FuquaWorld Student Life page instead. This link allows you to request meeting space from the BMO – for example, for a class project meeting – but does not create an event on the event calendar. Following the “Request Meeting Space” link displays the space request form. You must enter a title and an optional description for your request. The rest of the form is similar to the “Step Three” page of the event admin pages. If you need to post an event, please contact the appropriate club or MBAA officer or Student Services to get your event on the calendar.