Printing with ePrint – for Students – Mac

The ePrint system enables you to print from your computer to print stations distributed throughout Fuqua.

Getting Started Download and install software and then use ePrint as often as you like.

Note: After installing the ePrint software, run a Software Update on your laptop in order to get the latest Ricoh and Xerox print drivers from Apple.

Common install issues:

  • If off campus, connect to the VPN before clicking install.
  • Right-click (Control+Click) the installer file and select Open from the dropdown menu.
  • Duke NetID password is not synched with Fuqua NetID. Failing to install Fuqua ePrint may be an indication that you have not synched your Duke NetID and Fuqua NetID accounts. Please review the following link for instructions to synchronize both accounts with the same password: Duke NetID and Fuqua NetID Password Sync

Printing on ePrint

Instructions for installing Fuqua ePrint

  • Download the above eprint software and if it hasn’t already been decompressed (Unzipped) do so, by right click on the software and select Open. Click Open from the subsequent dialog box.
  • Proceed through the install. When complete you will be required to log off and back on.
  • Check for updates from the App Store and download any that appear. The primary ones concerned with ePrint are the Xerox and Ricoh drivers.
  • You will now have 3 printers added to your Devices and Printers list: ePrint-Fuqua, ePrint-FuquaXerox, and ePrint-Color.
    • The ePrint-Fuqua printer will allow you to print to Lexmark ePrint printers.
    • The ePrint-Fuqua-Xerox printer will allow you to print to the Xerox machine located in the Library.
    • The ePrint-Fuqua-Xerox printer will allow you to print to the Xerox machines located in the Library.
    • The ePrint-Color is a Ricoh printer located in the Fox Center. Every function on the Ricoh printer comes from your FLEX account. When you run out of ePrint funds for the semester on the Lexmark and Xerox printers it will switch over to using your FLEX funds

How to print using Fuqua ePrint

  • When you’re ready to print a document, select the the appropriate printer queue for which printer you want to print to: ePrint-Fuqua, ePrint-Fuqua-Xerox, or ePrint-Color
  • A Pharos Popup window will appear. Enter your NetID and press Print. Your job is now saved on the ePrint server in that printer queue for 24 hours.
  • At the printer select the ePrint icon and swipe or tap your DukeCard
  • Select the job or jobs you would like to print and click Print.
  • Please note your balance on the bottom left and how much these print jobs will cost on the bottom right.
  • Once you’ve selected the jobs and clicked Print you will now be asked if you would like to print or delete additional documents. If you need to reprint a document for whatever reason, click Yes and it will take you back to your document queue. If you are done printing, select No.
  • When finished printing select Cancel or LogOut from the touch screen.

If you run into any issues using ePrint, please reach out to the Technical Support Center for assistance. help@fuqua.duke.edu 919-660-7878 Keller Center West room W134

Duplexing – Printing on both sides

Duplexing your print job saves paper by printing on both sides of the sheet. The default for printing from your Mac is to print on both sides.


Black/white printing uses Eprint funds. The standard Fuqua printing fee is $0.04 per printed page. Fuqua has provide you with a $80 quota per 6 month period. You are allocated your first $80 on January 1st and your second on July 1st.  Any extra funds in your Fuqua quota do not roll over.

Color Printing

Color printing is not free. The Ricoh printer in the Fox Center will allow you to copy, print, and scan in color. On this machine it costs $0.15 per page for color prints, $0.06 per page for black & white prints, and $0.02 to scan to email. These costs are charged to your DukeCard FLEX account. You must have a current available balance on your FLEX account to cover the charges. When printing to the color printer you will select the ePrint_Color_Fuqua print queue and proceed to print like normal.

Please keep these guidelines in mind when using ePrint

  • Do not use printers as copiers. If you need multiple copies of a document, photocopy it
  • Recycle unwanted paper. There should be recycling bins by most printers
  • Send each print job only once. ePrint Reprint (see below) gives you the opportunity to retrieve an older job from the print queue again
  • Save paper (and money) by printing on both sides of every sheet
  • Monitor your ePrint quota throughout the year

Reprinting on ePrint

The ePrint Distributed Printing System allows you to print a job again without running back to your computer. After you retrieve your job at a print station, the job goes back into the print queue for 15 minutes. If you need to reprint the job within that timeframe, just swipe your DukeCard at any station and choose the job out of the list of available jobs in your print queue.

Student Printer Locations at Fuqua

Printers available for student printing can be found here: Student Printer Map.