Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The purpose of the Cisco AnyConnect VPN is to allow your device to act as though it’s on the Fuqua Network while away from campus. You can connect to the VPN to remotely access your office machine using another Remote Desktop application, access shared network drives, or access Ford Library sources while off campus.

Instructions for Mac and Windows

  • Download and install the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client for your platform: Software can be downloaded from Duke OIT’s software site at www.software.duke.edu. (Search for “VPN Client” and download version specific to your operating system.)
  • Mac Users:
    • Download software and run the installer by double-clicking the AnyConnect.pkg file. Select defaults for “Introduction”, “License” and “Destination Select”. For “Installation Type”, only select “VPN”. Click “Continue” until software installation is complete.
  • Windows Users:
    • Save the download and browse to file and double-click to initiate installation. Click OK to start.
    • Continue to accept/acknowledge all default options until installation is complete.
  • Once installed, open the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client and configure the VPN for the first connection by entering “vpn.duke.edu” in the connect field and press connect.
  • Enter username and password, choose ‘Fuqua School of Business’ from the drop-down menu, type your NetID and password in the appropriate fields, and click OK.
  • Dialog box for Multi-Factor Authentication will appear. Select appropriate option in field, and click “Continue”

Note: When not actively using the VPN, disconnect to allow proper network connections to your home network and the Internet. The VPN will block certain features of your computer or device (Air-print, certain backup software, etc)

Common connectivty issue:

Duke NetID password is not synched with Fuqua NetID. Failing to authenticate to the Fuqua VPN is often an indication that you have not synched your Duke NetID and Fuqua NetID accounts. Please review the following link for instructions to synchronize both accounts with the same password: Duke NetID and Fuqua NetID Password Sync