Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball Installation

  1. Make sure you exit Microsoft Excel before you begin the installation
  2. Download Crystal Ball from the appropriate link below:
  3. Extract the Crystal Ball files from the .zip file.
  4. Open the unzipped folder and cllick on CrystalBallSetup. This will walk you through the installation.
  5. Open Crystal Ball.
  6. This program comes with a 15-day trial.
  7. Open the unzipped folder of crystal ball and click on Crystal Ball text file and copy the serial number.
  8. Click on the ACTIVATE LICENSE button at the bottom of the Welcome Screen that appears after you launch Crystal Ball. Enter the Username: Duke University and paste the Serial Number into the licensing dialog box.

Always open crystal ball then it will open excel.

If you need technical support contact us at or 919.660.7878