Virtual Machine

Duke OIT Virtual Computing Manager for Virtual Machine:

If you are a Mac user, you may be required to run certain Excel add-ins that will not run within the Mac version of Microsoft Excel. In order to meet this requirement you will need access to a Windows based operating system. Fuqua IT recommends utilizing Duke OIT’s Virtual Computing Manager.  Virtual Computing Manager is a service provided to the Duke community that allows easy access to virtual software packages, and semester-long virtual machine (VM) reservations.  VM reservations may be extended at the end of the original reservation. 

Reserve a Virtual Machine:

  1. Make sure you are using “Dukeblue” Wi-Fi to reserve and access your virtual machine. If you are accessing virtual machine off campus make sure to use the VPN .
  2. Sign into Virtual Computing Manager – (Your multifactor authentication needs to be setup prior to signing into Virtual Computing Manager)
  3. After Logging in, click on the Reserve a VM button.
  4. Select the “Fuqua Office 2019 64-Bit” option from the list. Agree to the Terms of Use. Your VM should be ready in approximately 10 minutes. When your VM is ready, you will be notified via email. NOTE: To make efficient use of the shared VCM resources and reduce our carbon footprint, this VM will be powered down every morning at 6:00 AM. Click the Power on button to turn your VM back on before you log into it. If your VM is being used as server or runs very long computations and must remain on continuously, you can un-check the Automatic power down check box above to opt out of automatic shutdowns.

Access a Virtual Machine:

  1. PC User:
    1. Open the “Remote Desktop” application.
    2. Copy the hostname of your VM.
    3. Paste it into the computer field of remote desktop.
    4. Enter NetID, click connect.
    5. Enter NetID password, check remember me box, click OK.
  2. Mac User:
    1. Download and install the “Remote Desktop” application from the app store.
    2. Open the “Remote Desktop” application.
    3. Copy the hostname of your VM.
    4. Paste it into the PC Name field of remote desktop.
    5. Enter NetID, click save.
    6. Enter NetID password, check remember me box, click OK.